How to define new section for Tekla from AuotCAD


How to define new profile in Tekla ?

During modeling process many types of profiles need to be loaded, in Tekla software there is a wide range of preloaded profiles with their right properties which can be loaded immediately and in the traditional way of loading, but sometimes profiles with special requirements should be used in the model and need special way to load them.
The following steps should be followed when a new profile, which does not exist in tekla, is required to be used in the model:
1. Get the correct dimension of the required profile from the design drawings.
2. Draw the profile using poly line closed shape at AutoCAD. Save it as dxf in 2007 format.
3. Calculate the cross section area of the profile and the weight per liner meter in kg or lb.
4. In your Tekla model , open modeling>profiles>define profile using dwg file , and from parameter load your dxf file and name the section , make sure the name is unique , also enter the calculated weigh.
5. Draw any segment with new loaded profile; create default views, double check the dimension and the weight.
In order to clarify the above method practically, a special step by step video is prepared to describe how to define new profile in Tekla with special requirements.








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