How to edit grids in TEKLA , learn to edit grids in tekla

We will learn How to edit grids in TEKLA Structures 19:

When you start any steel modeling project, you have to edit the grids in order to match your new projects needs. In TEKLA the grids are given as X, Y, and elevation, all in millimeters but, be aware of the elevation since its values are accumulated from the first elevation up to the last one, whereas x and y values are given without accumulation in their values. Also you can give each grid special name as numeric or alphabetic for X and Y or as special notation for the elevation such as (T.O.S, T.O.C, B.O.S). You have more features such as increasing the extension line for grids outer edges and enable the tangent feature which will link the drawn objects to the original girds. Next you will find a special prepared screencast illustrating what we discussed in this article.


 How to edit grids in TEKLA

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