Steel detailing training challenges

Steel detailing training challenges


in this article you will find some problems and issues that may arraise in any steel detailing training practice, or even in your work at steel detailing filed.

  1. Dealing with unclear design drawings whether those drawings which contain inadequate data, or when the presentation of the drawings is prepared in a new or nontraditional way, this usually happens when the design is made by a new or different designer.

  2. Design drawings with a large number of details sometimes make the detailer confused, and this cause increase in the mistakes that may appear during modeling process.

  3. Possible changes that may occur in the design after the model has been already accomplished, these changes may be significant and substantial, also big changes occur not only in the model itself but also the prepared drawings.

  4. Time is a critical factor which governs the degree of accuracy by which the model and later on the drawings will be provided. Modeling is a long time process and it is big challenge to provide a model with a high degree of accuracy in argent projects if the time is limited or not enough.

  5. The technical ability of the detailer to comply with the requirements of the design drawings, and also the all the needed standards during modeling.

  6. Spending a long period of time using computer may cause several sorts of problems like physical, vision, stress problems which make the detailer uncomfortable during working time.

  7. The distinguish between the needed information for both shop and erection drawings ,usually the provided information in shop drawings ,which are generally used in fabricating process, is different from those provided in erection drawings ,which guide the erecter in the construction site, and any missed information usually causes problems whether in the factory or in the field .

  8. At structural drafting process, it is not easy to provide a high quality models and drawings, the detailer should not forget that the utilization of the experience in detailing which can be reached by practice, and also having the effort and patience are main factors that enable models to be developed more quickly and in the needed quality.


Remember that even the most complex project can be feasible for any fabricator and erector, when the detailer plays a tremendous role in modeling and preparing drawings processes, thus keep in mind that many challenges may face any detailer during those two processes, but dealing with them in a right way may decrease or even eliminate their negative effects.


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