Structural Steel Design Drawings


Structural Steel Design Drawings

When the owner decides that a building is needed to serve their purposes, a contact with an architect should be done .The owner and the architect need to discuss the function of the building and all the details that show how the building should be. The architect prepares a set of plans and specifications to show and describe all the features of the building discussed with the owner; this type of documents is usually called Design Drawings.

Design drawing represents the most important contract document in any project which shows how the structure will look. Usually this type of drawings are submitted with all sufficient information concerning size, location and many other details of all parts of the structure .These information are provided in the drawings as plan views, elevations, sectional views, enlarged details, tabulations and notes.

They show the shape of the structure, sections and sizes of members, location and arrangement of the members in the frame, beam/girder camber, floor levels and roof, and column centers and offsets, with adequate dimensions to convey accurately the quantity and character of the structural steel to be furnished. Also, details of structural joints, bearing stiffeners on beams and girders, beam web reinforcement; openings for other trades, connections between the curtain wall and the supporting frame, column stiffeners, column web double plates, column anchorage, and column splices.

Steel detailers use the design drawings and specifications made by the structural engineer to prepare shop and erection drawings for each piece of a project that their employer has agreed to furnish. In other words, the steel detailer translates design data into information that the fabricator and erector need to actually build the structure, but the accuracy of the contract documents is the responsibility of the owner’s designated representative for design,

Depending upon the size of the project and the number of steel detailers, sufficient quantities of design drawings and related specifications are issued to the structural steel detailing group.

Sometimes a revised and supplementary design drawing may be issued by the owner in order to clarify the information provided in the original design drawings. Revisions to the design drawings and specifications shall be made either by issuing new design drawings and specifications or by reissuing the existing design drawings and Specifications, in either case the detailing manager must study the design drawings subsequent revisions as soon as they are received by the steel detailing group in order to proceed in preparing all relative documents for fabrication and erection processes.

The contract documents shall be dated and identified by revision number. Each design drawing shall be identified by the same drawing number throughout the duration of the project, regardless of the revision.


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