Structural Steel Erection Drawings


Structural Steel Erection Drawings

After the structure has already been modeled and checked, a set of subsequent drawings are usually prepared for fabrication and erection processes.
In the erection stage, an adequate quantity of information are usually needed to be supplied to the erecter in order to understand how the members frame together, since it’s not the responsibility of the erecter to study the shop drawings, the detailer duty is to prepare a separate set of drawings for erection step, this type of drawings usually referred to as erection drawings.
Erection drawings are those drawings created in order to locate each separate piece or subassembly of pieces in their assigned shipping or erection marks, they usually show the sizes of members and give sufficient information to the erecter in order to assemble the structure easily in the fieldwork.

These drawings consist of line diagram representing framing in plans, elevations and sections to which principal dimensions, erection marks, notes, and when required; enlarged details, bolts installation requirements and also field welding requirements are added. Usually, the numerical identification of erection drawings is prefaced with E, such as E1, E2, E101, and E302.

The areas in to which the structure is divided for shipping and erection purposes are usually clarified in this type of drawings, this permits the scheduling delivery of the entire structure piece’s, and also ensures that raw material orders and shop details will be prepared in a sequence that will meet the required job delivery and erection schedule.
In any project it is necessary to keep in mind that the preparation of the erection drawings should precede the detailing work. This can help in ensuring that all required information is available during preparing shop drawings process. When shop drawings are to be created, a set of erection drawings can be used, by the detailing group which is involved in the preparation of drawings process, as a “mark-off” set in order to help in highlighting process of each piece on shop drawings as the corresponding detail is completed. In this way the drafting project leader is able to monitor and report the progress of the detailing work to the fabricator.
Various systems of erection marking are used by different fabricating companies. The steel detailer should use the marking system of the employing fabricator. The drawings prepared by steel detailers for use by the erector are not intended to show the erection scheme, schedule, devices, temporary supports, safety devices and such other material and equipment required to erect the structure.

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