Structural Steel Design Drawings

Structural Steel Design Drawings When the owner decides that a building is needed to serve their purposes, a contact with an architect should be done .The owner and the architect need to discuss the function of the building and all the details that show how the building should be. The architect prepares a set of […]


How to define new section for Tekla from AuotCAD

How to define new profile in Tekla ? During modeling process many types of profiles need to be loaded, in Tekla software there is a wide range of preloaded profiles with their right properties which can be loaded immediately and in the traditional way of loading, but sometimes profiles with special requirements should be used […]


Tekla modeling tips , for checking your model

Tekla modeling tips , for checking your model How to check you 3D model inTekla Structures When modeling process of your design is already accomplished, and whatever modeling software is used like Tekla structures software, checking step is the basic function for controlling the quality of the output of the detailing process and to ensure […]