Tekla modeling tips , for checking your model

Tekla modeling tips , for checking your model

How to check you 3D model inTekla Structures


When modeling process of your design is already accomplished, and whatever modeling software is used like Tekla structures software, checking step is the basic function for controlling the quality of the output of the detailing process and to ensure that the model is ready before the preparation process of the two primary types of drawings. The checker is an individual who, by reason of experience and ability, has advanced successfully from a beginning steel detailer to a more responsible Position.

Here you will find some main tips that can help you during model checking process:

  1. Start with checking grid lines symbols, major dimensions, and also make sure that your girds is consent with the design drawing grid lines.

  2. Check material purchase requested for the job, material grades and requested lengths, and check if there is any need for substitution on material.

  3. For bolted parts, check the required bolts grades, sizes, lengths, quantities, and also holes diameter according to the required tolerance, also the connected assemblies or parts should be double checked.

  4. Make sure that sections sizes and profiles for all main and secondary steel members match those provided in the design. Double check position numbers and prefixes of all members, and do not forget to check any welded or loose parts.

  5. All types of connections should be checked and compared with the connections submitted by the customer in the design drawings .Check holes diameters, bolts gages, plates’ thickness and materials.

  6. Check welds specifications which are requested by the customer, to ensure that members, parts, and assemblies are welded according to the requirements of the design.

More detailed tips in checking process for the two major types of drawings (shop and erection); will be provided for you in the coming articles.

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